My PlayStation 3 won't recognise my HDMI cable anymore

Ever put in a blu-ray disc and it won't play? Here's the So, the problem was not with the disc, but with the PS3 itself (basically, corrupt drivers for the blu-ray disc drive.) Here's how you fix it if this ever happens to you: 1. Start with the PS3 turned off (red light showing.) PS3 Won't Read Games or Discs - CCM Apr 14, 2020 PS3 YouTube App Not Working Problems and Solutions Jul 19, 2019

Fix PS3 HDMI problem with - PlayStation Universe

3. If a message does not come up saying a HDMI cable has been connected go to settings - Display settings - Video output & follow the instructions.-----4. If the above method does not work put the PS3 system into recovery mode & select Restart PS3 system. (See above for instructions on how to enter recovery mode) 5. 3 Xbox One Controllers 1781 Playstation 4 CUH-ZCT1U - NOT WORKING For Parts. $59.99. shipping: + $7.99 shipping . Sony Playstation 2 Slim PS2 SCPH-75001 Working

Sep 27, 2013 · Right now, Dualshock 3 is working in pure DirectInput mode. If that's enough for you - you can use it right now, old games, some newer ones, emulators - they'll all work fine. But if you still need XInput version of Dualshock 3 - go ahead and proceed to step 4. 4. Start Steam.