I'm not aware of any books, but Vampire Sucks makes fun of Twilight. (It was the best movie ever!)

Aug 18, 2010 · By re-creating scenes from the Twilight movies and vomiting lame pop culture references into them. Source(s): If you think these genre spoof movies coming out every year are actually funny, then I've lost my faith in humanity. (making fun of the movie Twilight with a RS vid) lol guys tehnoobshow and everyone else can do it, but I cant? and i hope it sounds fun because If you guys all add me and stay posted, when free trade comes out Ill be giving (i know it isnt much :\) 5mill free to all cast members :] and honestly Im looking for anyone who doesnt type like this: Apr 22, 2009 · I hate Twilight, with a burning passion that would put the fires of mount doom out. You could make fun of the fact the vampires (and I use that word lightly) sparkle or the fact Bella is a Mary Sue. Don't forget any of the following.-The scene where the hell spawn was born and how that along could promote life long abstinence Twilight, the first movie, has grossed more than $380 million worldwide since its November 2008 release. The second installment, The Twilight Saga: New Moon , also shattered box office records. Even if you're not a Twi-hard or a Twi-mom (think "devoted fan"), you can still enjoy the other films in the series— Eclipse and Breaking Dawn —with Take this poll! DID U SEE THE COMMERCIAL ABOUT THE MOVIE MAKING FUN OF TWILIGHT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? YES!!! I WAS SOOO MAD!!! Yeah!!!! It looks funny, and I'm a fan of Jan 11, 2008 · Movie Making Fun Of 300. Source(s): https://shorte.im/a81hC. 0 0 0. Login to reply the answers Post; waia2000. Lv 7. 1 decade ago. Meet the Spartans. 0 0 1. Login to

2012-11-7 · I’ve seen three and a half of the Twilight movies and read none of the books. (I walked out of Eclipse because I had eaten a pot brownie beforehand and things were starting to get weird.) I found the first two movies and Breaking Dawn: Part 2, which I saw this past weekend, to be hysterically bad, almost bordering on Showgirls-style campiness, and I can’t quite understand why or how people

17 hours ago · Getting ready for Midnight Sun has never been more fun: Join us Friday night as we live-tweet Twilight in preparation for all the Edward we're getting soon. OnTheFlix Vampires Suck movie trailer makes hardcore fun of Twilight Saga. 20th Century Fox released their crazy new Twilight Saga spoof comedy flick " Vampires Suck " into theaters today,and the movie trailer (below) looks extremely hilarious as it spoofs the hell out of the popular "Twilight Saga" movies with hysterically funny scenes.

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In celebration of Twilight's 10th anniversary and the beginning of the worldwide Team Edward vs. Team Jacob debate, the film will be rereleased on home entertainment with a brand-new "10 Years "The Twilight Zone" The Prime Mover (TV Episode 1961) - …