Nov 12, 2019 · Some Mac startup problems are caused by an OS X update that went bad. Something happened during the installation process, such as a power hiccup or power outage. The end result can be a corrupt system that won't boot, or a system that boots but is unstable and crashes.

The new OS for Macs OS X 10.11 El Capitan has been released but don’t upgrade yet if you use Office 2016, Office 2011 or the following apps.. Oct 21 Update: Apple has now released the first OS X 10.11.1 update for El Capitan which claims to have fixed various problems including with Office 2016 and Mail. We strongly recommend updating via the Mac App Store and selecting “Updates” from Common MacOS Mojave Problems And How To Fix Them Mar 27, 2019 macOS High Sierra Problems and Solutions for 10.13 Update

The Top 11 Tricks to Fix Common Mac Problems Quickly

How to Fix the Most Common macOS High Sierra Problems If your Mac goes all the way and becomes completely unresponsive or even needs rebooting, follow the instruction in our guide on how to speed up a slow Mac after installing macOS. Fix problems with apps compability. With every macOS upgrade there are older versions … 10 common OS X troubleshooting solutions - TechRepublic Nov 07, 2014

macOS Catalina update issues and how to fix them?

6. Sidecar problems on macOS Catalina. Sidecar is a feature that doubles your workspace as you can use an iPad as a second monitor. The common issue here is inability to connect your iPad to the computer. First off, make sure you have iPadOS installed on your iPad. Then, find your Mac in the list of Sidecar-supported models: Late 2015 27″ iMac macOS Catalina problems: how to fix the most common issues Apr 15, 2020